2 brewers yukon single malt – release #2

2 brewers yukon whisky – Single malt release 2


One toe over the line, sweet jesus, one toe over the line…



When you live in Canada, there’s only so much you can do. Sure, we’re the second largest country on earth, and northern Canada is a destination in case of a zombie apocalypse or rabies pandemic, but we don’t provide much for entertainment. You could go visit the worlds largest nickel, or go skiing until you shatter your legs, or you can visit London Ontario, which is dubbed ‘the serial killer capital of canada’. Most likely, you don’t want to experience any of these, but there is a place in the Yukon called dawson, where you can drink a shot of whisky garnished with a severed human toe in it.

Woah, woah, woah!! Don’t book your flight just yet, you still have an article to read here.

There’s a bunch of places that will put random shit in your drink, like a deer testicle, a bear bladder or the bartenders penis, but there’s only one place that proudly serves the sourtoe cocktail.

The story goes; two brothers were running some rum up to prohibition-era Alaska on a dog sled, when one of the brothers got his foot wet. In the 1920’s this was actually a problem, because they simply didn’t have televisions to watch the packers game. They also lacked the essential resources to keep their feet warm after an event like getting your feet wet in the arctic. When they arrived at a shelter to sleep in, the one brother revealed that his toe became frost bitten after travelling for so long in subzero temperatures. Out of necessity, his toe was chopped off with a swift swing of an axe, which probably saved his life, since gangrene would have killed him if he didn’t cut his toe off.

We never heard anything of the two brothers since that event, but if you need conclusion, they uhh, married each other and lived happily ever after.

years later a traveler named captain dick(true), was burgling the abandoned shelter and he discovered the lonely toe, which had been cured and dehydrated over time. Proudly he brought the toe back to the hotel in downtown dawson, where he challenged people to do a shot with the toe inside the drink.

Since then, people have made this hotel a destination to drink a sourtoe cocktail. The sourtoe is a shot of whatever you like, garnished with a severed, mummified toe, which must touch your lips when you drink it.

First, you have to declare that you want to become a member of the toe club and listen to the current ‘toe captain’ say his poem about the rules of the drink, then you pay for the drink and an additional 5$ toe tax. Drink the drink, let the toe touch your lips and voila! You’re an honorary member of the sourtoe club.

The plot thickens.

Captain lee, the current toe captain is pretty pissed off. Just to get some perspective on captain lee, we could confuse his likeness for that of the guy who stands behind you at the free hypodermic needle exchange van. He also looks like the guy who steals all the condoms and chugs the free lube at the sexual health clinic. Anyway, he is the captain of the toe. He changes the salt on the toe and does his best to keep the toe good and petrified. Captain lee is quite passionate about his job, because the guy looks pretty unemployable and this must be his last throw at being involved with a human society. Here’s why he’s so pissed off, according to a canadian witness: ‘this fucking douche comes in and he has a big dog, a big truck, a big mullet and a loud mouth, I don’t know, he must be American(he is). he does the sourtoe, and swallows the toe down with beer, throws 500$ on the table and takes off.’

All true.

As caught on camera, the American known as josh swallowed the toe, paid the tax for swallowing the toe and left town with his dog that barked too much. He was later charged with desecration of a corpse, theft and cannibalism. He was also slapped with a lifetime ban on ever entering the hotel again.

This is not the first time the sourtoe has gone missing: in the 1980’s a clumsy lumberjack drunkenly fell down with toe in mouth and accidentally swallowed the toe. There have been many toes donated to the hotel, as many as 15 says the toe captain. Many have been lost or stolen, but only one has been deliberately eaten.

The American douche known as josh has written in his will to donate his toes upon death to the downtown hotel, to make amends. Captain lee, on the other hand says he wants his two big toes now. Rest assured though, that the hotel still has one toe left. Whereas the toes had a routine of being dried in salt when the other toes were in circulation, being rehydrated in alcohol, this is not the case. They only have one toe until more are donated.

Traditionally the sourtoe is often taken with a shot of Yukon jack in a big glass so the toe can freely slide down and touch your mouth, but that’s gross. Yuck. Yukon jack. If you ever find yourself in town, why not request a two brewers single malt in your sourtoe? You would be drinking local.

Alc. 46%


A sturdy bottle with a synthetic topper. Boxy white label, otherwise unattractive presentation.


Toasted grain, red apple skins, grassy notes, in that order. Thin on the nose. Citrus peels, bread and hinting at rubber. Nutty, oily.


Rich and sweet, extra fruity, oranges and pulsating cinnamon in the finish. Rose pedal and lilac jam.


Interesting and quite good. Well worth the try.

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