basil hayden

Basil hayden


Lord bayden powell and Niagara 22nd


Bayden powell was a military man. He and his wife were responsible for the forming of the boy scouts and girl guides, which turned out to be a helpful way for curious school kids(outside the military) to do something good for the community. The kids would volunteer time raising money for churches or various non-profit fundraisers. The boy scouts was a group started for recreation and personal development. Because of lord bayden powell, I too became a boy scout and it taught me necessary life skills, like using a knife, lighting fires with limited supplies, trapping and cooking my own food, first aid, outdoor survivalism and how to use firearms.

Come to think of it, at twelve years old, when I joined the scouts I gathered all the right skills to become a hermitic, serial killing arsonist that could sustain a life hiding in the forest, and play basketball, occasionally.

Being a scout was great; I hung out with my buddies once a week and got to camp outdoors with my friends and their moderately sober, erratic and angry parents, who drank curious concoctions out of thermos’ we were not allowed to touch. Our chapter was called the Niagara 22nd and we were indeed a pirate crew. There was Duncan, who was born with four rows of jagged teeth – chalkhead, who’s haircut made his facial profile look like a freshly circumcised penis – koney, whom his brother shaved off one of his eyebrows and was forced to shave off his other eyebrow, for symmetry. We had mark, whom became marc – randy, the hyperactive problem child whose mom signed him up for scouts because she was looking for a legal way for her son to get lost in the woods and never return. There was Pat, who almost killed his own mother; while mowing the lawn, he ran over a plumbing washer and the lawn mower shot that little iron disk right into her throat, from twenty feet away. She’s ok, he isn’t.

The whole thing was innocent fun, literally forced, innocent fun(i was forced to stay in boy scouts until I was too old to be a boy scout – thanks mom). when our buddies were out developing a healthy libido with drunk school girls on weekends, I was with a group of oddly dressed teens who played pen and paper roll playing games, learned about 4H and we all planted trees.

But what we lacked in girlfriends or hetero sexual contact, we made up by substituting with colossal amounts of physical violence driven to each other and anybody involved with Canadian scouting.

We lost every scouting competition we entered as a bunch of doughy, abstinent kids, but we would then just turn around and kick the living fuck out of anybody we ran into. For example, we were raided by another scout troop who attacked us with squirt guns and water balloons, so we just broke the squirt guns over their faces, punched them in their solar plexus and kicked them in the genitals. We didn’t get screwed with very often. I guess that’s where our military training kicked in.

Since we didn’t usually get hurt by other people, we usually took the free time to hurt ourselves, quite often. We cut our fingers with knives, burned the soles of rubber boots to our feet, fell down short hills – face first, got hit with large sticks, at least one of us got tricked into drinking gasoline, had a tooth or two kicked in, suffered hypothermia and heat stroke and sometimes drove thorns almost all the way through our hands.

We did all this because of you, lord bayden powell. A Christian man who gave his time to help develop and rescue fellow Christian followers, much like basil hayden, a man known for heroically rescuing families by leading them to Kentucky, in times of struggle, where he settled. Hey, would you look at that; two military men who rescued Christians, what a connection.

Alc. 40%


Tall clear wine bottle wrapped with a tan sandwich board. The label is not so much a label as it is a sheet of cardboard wrapped to the bottle. The cardboard sandwich board is tied down by what looks like a belt with the bh insignia. There is a black topped cork, once wrapped by foil. The whole presentation is very flashy.


Light and honeyed with charred corn and red licorice abound, followed by clay and barnyard hay. Light bodied and subtle with a touch of garden mint.


The nose truly portrays the palate. Subtle with char, red licorice and bubble gum followed by a touch of anise. Some lingering pepper, a liitle beer and some effervescent cola. Cinnamon and a balanced amount of oak.


A little too subtle, and a little too off balance in flavors altogether. The oak is nice, the fruit is nice, but they don’t all come together. Mixing grade bourbon.

Please note:

This is in the long family of beam brand bourbons. This is in the same line up of premium bourbons like: knob creek, bakers and bookers, although this particular bottle finds itself on the low end of the spectrum.

Like a lot of bourbons, this brand too, is immortalizing a mans name behind the spirit. basil hayden was a devout Christian who helped lead up to 25 families to Kentucky, where he later settled. He is responsible for the first catholic church is Kentucky.

Basil hayden was also known as a distiller who used a high amount of rye in his mash bill, and so, this bottling of basil hayden utilizes a mash very similar to basils old recipe, which dates back as far as 1792.

Although there is no age statement on the bottle, as this has turned to a no-age statement blend, this was an 8 year old bourbon at one point.