gentleman jack

Gentleman jack

There are a lot of different projects released by jack daniels. Theres a green label, black label, white rabbit saloon, single barrel, there was an unaged corn spirit, then theres gentleman jack.
This is a gentleman of a whisky.

To be somewhat different from the rest of the American whiskey surfacing in the market, called bourbon, jack daniels supported a filtering process called the Lincoln county process. thus he was able to call his whiskey Tennessee whiskey rather than bourbon. This process involves running the fresh corn distillate through a vat of sugar maple charcoal.

The sugar maple charcoal helps strip impurities from the distillate and imparts a sweet flavor, naturally. It helps create a unique profile for this Tennessee whiskey. In 1988 the company decided to take a different approach to the Lincoln county process that made them so famous and ran it through the charcoal – twice. Once the distillate came off the still, it is run though the vat of charcoal, then aged for at least four years. Then they blend some barrels together. When the blend is perfected, the whole batch is then run through the charcoal again, then bottled as gentleman jack.

The second filtering makes for a very light looking and tasting product.

Alc. 40%

Gravestone with a pewter label affixed to the top. Also has a plastic twist cap.

Ballpark mustard and chemical adhesive before sharp paint. Nosing around the astringent chemical reveals fresh oak and that classic jack daniels candy shop nose. Roasted hazelnuts reveal themselves along with fruity gum, hay and freshly cut flowers.

Forward on the tip of the tongue sits that generous profile of juicy fruit gum and as the drink slides back, it showcases the wood, toffee, caramel and vanilla. There is fruitiness to the taste, like a bit of a banana starburst, artificial fruitiness. creamy and corn but not as thick as the other jd profiles. Foamy candies and a smidge of cola. A bit of perfume on the palate before fading into a spicy short finish.
Please note:

This is a standard product of jack daniels, meant to fill in a market. Myself included, a lot of people can be turned off of by the big bold flavours of bourbon, so this lighter, more friendly version is for the lighter palates. On the opposite of the spectrum, jack’s single barrel collection will blow your head off.

this is an enjoyable spirit, although it is very light. This gets lost in the second glass, but an opportunity to taste this should not be passed up.

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