knob creek straight bourbon

Knob creek straight bourbon

Doing what you love for a living is stupid. Do you love what you do for a living? Well, that’s probably stupid too.

Aaah, hey. Wait! I’m sorry. Come on, you know I’m just a little stressed lately. Come on, big hugs. What a nice hug you give. Mmmm, your hair smells nice. Hmm, it smells different when you’re awake… Huh? Umm, nevermind.

So, careers in an industry you love. Probably not the smartest thing, because you may very well find the things you hate about the industry. I love cooking. I hate chopping my fingertips off, heat stroke, dehydration, nicotine dependence and low life expectancy(at which point, ill be found with a colon full of undigested red meat and an enlarged liver). Guess what? Cooking is chock full of that!

But that’s not it; musicians despise their own music, athletes snap limbs in the second year in the majors, and apiarists get stung by bees hundreds of times in a year, or something. The thing is, if you’re like me, you see things for how they can really bite you in the ass. I could become a nipple taster for a Brazilian beach volleyball team, and end up finding the negative.

Know what else? Even when you’re at the top of your game, the best at what you do, you can still really get fucked. Abraham Lincoln was such an ass kicking president, he freed the slaves and started the mole trend. His beard is the shrine the Amish sacrifice to. He even slipped 4:20 into a world renowned speech, but some dude had to go blow Abraham Lincolns brains out. How’s that for finding a negative in your career choice?

By the way, Abraham Lincolns home town was called knob creek.



Old school apothecary style of rectangle bottle. Looks like an old torn newspaper was used for a label.

Alc. 50%


Wine Dijon, honeycomb and red licorice.


Corn oil and molasses. Barley apples and nuts.

Long, smooth fading finish with rye desperately trying to hang on through a toffee end.

Please note:

Knob creek bourbon is an old school approach to bourbon. Its aged for 9 years, which was customary for pre-prohibition American whiskies. This extra aging provides a lot of those trait barrel flavors and mellows off the rough edges. Its also bottled at a high proof(100), which is how they used to do it back in the old days.

Curiously, this is run through a column still, rather than a pot still, so this bourbon truly benefits from longer aging in number four char barrels. Number four char is the heaviest char applied to barrels. The aging process takes part in 9 story high rickhouses. These tall buildings for holding barrels can get a lot of temperature fluctuations, so the blend for knob creek bourbon is a blend of barrels from all over the racks, to create a consistent flavor, which it is, bottle to bottle.


A rough and ready type of bourbon, which doesn’t flaunt a boutique style. Still ranks in the super premium category.

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