makers mark 46

Makers mark 46

There was once a man named Seth Putnam. Anybody who already knows this name has just chuckled a little. Seth was a musician who sang and played drums for a lot of heavy metal bands, including one that had a name so vile, I couldn’t repeat it on my own website, that I’m probably the only reader of.

So what made the others chuckle? Probably Seth’s story. Here’s the short tale of Seth Putnam:

Seth’s flagship band was going on tour in the us. Which is a nice thing for any band to say, especially when your band doesn’t have any lyrics, or songs written and your band already has a giant cult following. Eventually the band would lose members on tour, on stage in the middle of a show, or sometimes the band would just disintegrate in the middle of a song, and then, the next day, the band would reform with a different lineup and just carry on, kind of like a troll, which you slain, but forgot to burn.

The one lineup that did stick together for an entire tour is my favorite part of the Seth Putnam story. He needed a drummer, and he was down to two candidates left. He didn’t like the fact individually they weren’t fast enough. So he hired them both, to play the same drum kit. While playing a show, Seth was drinking heavily and grew frustrated with the bands inability to play the songs they actually did write, and took it upon himself to leave the stage mid song and just go through the audience, punching random event attendees before going back onstage and finishing the bands set. The shows only become more violent.

One night Seth overdosed on a suicidal amount of cocaine, heroin, alcohol and painkillers.

When he awoke from his coma, he was stricken paralyzed. This did not stop his performances. Seth’s flagship band continued to tour and release albums even in his paralyzed state, and Seth even passed out on stage, in his wheelchair during a performance, like some Jim Lahey sort of predicament. His band still performed the song ‘you’re in a coma’.

Imagine when I found out one of my favorite guitarists used to play with Seth’s ill fated band.

Thanks to social media I’m able to harass people who dare post their contact information from the comfort of my own office. I chose to abuse this god like power and ask a few questions to a member of my favorite heavy metal band, aptly named, pig destroyer. The band is based on the lightning fast and impossibly catchy guitar work of my own personal Zeus, Scott hull, who toured with Seth. My first question: what do you guys drink? I was answered with a picture of Scotts personal bar at home. He had a bottle of whistle pig rye, angels envy, bernheim and makers mark.


Alc. 47%


High shouldered decanter with that classic red wax dip. Quaint off white etching in lieu of a label.


Vanilla forward with toffee and caramel. Red licorice and dentist office scent. Toasty, fruity chewing gum backed with charred corn and burnt oak.


Hot with alcohol and fresh oak. Molasses, honey, roasted hazelnut skins, toaster breadcrumbs. Thick, creamy body and mouthfilling. Smooth exit, thanks to a wheat finish. Medium long finish.

Please note:

Makers mark 46 is the second release to come from the makers stable. It’s the first new release in 50 years, which means they follow the ‘if it aint broke’ motto.

The 46 is marked on the barrels to identify this wonderful elixir. It doesn’t actually mean anything, other than it was a title given the process of adding ten toasted French oak staves to the finishing barrel and aging for a few more months before dumping. This addition of French oak to the finishing barrel is only done in the winter months.


polished. recommended.

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