woodford reserve distillers select

Woodford reserve distillers select
The bottle is thinner than the cork on my 375mL bottle. The shape of the bottle is like a gravestone with a cork, but the decaling on the label says ‘barber shop’ in a weird way.
huge oak, corn, butter and light isopropyl.

Big bourbon flavor all over the palate. Oak, vanilla, toffee, to start. Then corn, oak, hard candy, some smoke, a long jack and coke and gingery pepper. The finish is ultra long. Grapefruit pith and oak to finish the sip. A very woody expression.
Please note:
Little bitter on the finish. My mother drinks this on the rocks, to which it holds well. This is a rich and abundant bourbon. The flavor lasts and the finish is super long.


fantastic. i recommend this to curious drinkers whenever i can.

please note:

Woodford reserve ferments a mash of 72% corn, 18% rye and 10% malt in vats made of Cyprus for roughly 6-8 days with a proprietary yeast strain.

The beer is distilled three times in pot stills up to 70% abv. The distillate is then diluted to 55% and aged in #4 char virgin barrels, where it will age for roughly 6-8 years

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