woodford reserve four wood

Woodford reserve four wood
Woodford reserves typical bourbon finished in four barrels: virgin oak, maple, sherry and port. This shows a lot of bravery and skill from master distiller chris morris. This is a very exciting time for bourbon. 2013 is a good time to be a whisky drinker.
Alc. 45.2%

classic bell and stem like bottle with that sleek barber shoppe window etching.
Fresh wood, sweet wine, sugar, isopropyl, corn, shaved coconut.
Corn and oak, like any good bourbon, fresh red berries, cherry lollipop and peach flesh. Theres a little maple sugar floating around with dark rum and vanilla. Nice candy shop feel, full of hard cooked sugar treats, and soft foamy candies. a surprising depth of vsop cognac; pipe tobacco, gold fruits, cigar box and tannic pull. The finish is a little nutty, with hot white pepper. The finish lasts long and is quite smooth.
Please note:
This is woodford reserve finished four ways and then blended to a precise profile. Nothing can overpower. Nothing does.
The fun is how complex and expressive this whisky is. I received a small sample of maybe two and a half ounces, and I made it laaaast. I enjoyed how it felt on the palate, hits hard in the middle, then melts across like ice cream, hitting and coating all the tongue without swishing. This is quite thick and carries a very confident feel about it. Its sweet at the right time, spicy at the right time and dry at the right time. Aside from having a tough time with the virgin oak, as I do with bourbons, this is almost perfect.


its a shame we wont see this one again.

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