bakers bourbon



Alex trebek’s moustache


Bill white was waiting at home waiting for a phone call from his wife of 7 years, Virginia wood. Bill sat in his chair, settled in their home on 535 Baker Street, peeping out the window at the sun starting to set, wondering just why she hadn’t called yet. When the phone rang; bills hand slammed on the receiver.

‘hello?’ bill asked, even though he knew it was going to be his wife.

‘I have good news and bad news.’ The voice said on the phone. It was not his wife at all. In fact it was a man.

Bill decided to play along; ‘ok, whats the bad news?’

‘your wife is dead.’ Replied the voice.

Shaking, bill took a second before his reply, ‘well then, whats the good news?’

‘Oh. Ha. My wife is dead too.’


Alc. 53.5%


Big, rich, buttery and everything good and wholesome about bourbon. Cherry suckers, grass and some buttery fat. Sweet wood, burnt sugar, although heavy inhaling issues caution. Fresh clay and overturned earth. Sensation of cola and cleaning solution starting to creep in. nothing too complex. just an overall good nose, brimming of quality.


A thin texture and a spirited kick lead into bright red cherries, hard candy suckers, coconut, rich creamy butter, clay, fresh grass and ends with a long spicy finish, full of Christmas spices and peppermint candies. The oak is peppery and keeps the sweetness well balanced throughout. Perfume.

Overall: 91

Stunning. Although big and robust, this still carries a very feminine approach. This has been called ‘a cognac drinkers bourbon’ for obvious reasons.

Please note:

Bakers bourbon is part of the beam’s small batch project, which originally debuted with basil hayden, knob creek, bakers and bookers, and it looks to be gaining members in its lineup. Knob creek is a ‘pre-pro’ style aged at least 9 years, hayden seems to be the bottom of the rickhouse blend, bookers is the single barrel of the highest quality and bakers is a solid blend, uses a proprietary ‘jug’ yeast which has remained in the family for decades and is kept at a high abv for bourbon connoisseurs.

Bakers, which is named after distiller baker beam, however, is a top notch bourbon bottled at 53.5%abv and is aged for 7 years, which personally, is a sweet spot for many bourbons.

Further, this is called a small batch bourbon, but all the reviews I see(including this) seems to be from batch b-90-001, but do not let that deter you from buying a bottle, since the reviews of this batch are widely received as positive.