bushmills 10 year single malt

Bushmills 10 year single malt(sherried)


An irish sermon


Drunk, finn o’flynn hung on the face of a cliffside by the roots of tree, suspended over an old mill. Desperate and with his grip failing he looked up to the sky and pleaded: ‘oh please dear god, hear my cries for help and send me a miracle.’

Hung over, god was woken by his cell phone ringing in a text from his girlfriend cindy, who just so happened to be berating him for being such a miserable low life drunk. He pushed aside the phone, rolled off the mildew scented couch he was sleeping on and slipped on his favorite black Sabbath t-shirt, the one with a grease stain down the front, from a hamburger he was eating the night before. His head splitting with a head ache, he reached into the fridge for a beer and sat on his couch. He noticed another text on his motorola fliptop mobile phone: ‘finn o’flynn requesting a miracle’ it said. Shaking his head and chugging his molson export he muttered, ‘why me?’ and he opened his window to earth.

‘what? What the fuck do you want, man?’ god boomed down on finn o’flynn, who was hanging helplessly over the bush families old mill, on the sheer of a 20 story high cliff.

‘oh dear god, you hear my cries for help! Could you please see my good deeds and help me out of this mess?’ finn was blubbering up to the skies.

‘ugh,’ god spit out. His breath reeked of onion and sour dill pickle. He flicked a sesame seed out of his moustache. ‘lets see here…. Ok. So, your day so far looks like this…’

‘umm, god, if you could just speed this up a little, I think I might die.’ Finn pleaded.

‘needy fucking pests, you humans, aren’t you? Never hear a peep from rabbits,’ god droned on complaining. ‘ok, so you passed by and ignored a widowed woman begging for change on the street, because you had no money, but, when you saw a rich man pass her by too, you clubbed him with a shillelagh and took his wallet, is that right?’

Finn, head hung low, nodded in guilt.

‘but, you then took the rich man’s wallet and gave the money to the widowed beggar woman so she could feed her hungry children, is that right?’

Finn nodded in careful delight.

‘that man will never walk or speak again, you realize. You hit him so hard in the head, you damaged his brain severely. He’s lost significant portions of his memories; he’ll be wheelchair dependant until the day he accidentally drowns in the bathtub and is discovered by his 10 year old granddaughter, sherry. Alas, he will leave his granddaughter a large inheritance, her and her children will never have to work or labor a day in their life.’

‘and so, how will you judge me god?’ finn asked, unsure of his balance of deeds.

‘I watched you grow from a baby finn, and I watched you grow into a hard working man. I watched you hit a man who was better off than you to deliver much needed gifts to a needy woman and I watched you take the little bit of change and buy the cheapest bottle of whisky you could find, and I watched you drink it. I watched you drink and become inebriated, I watched you stumble to the cliffside so you could piss all over the bush’s mill below and I watched you lose your balance and tumble over the side. I watched you grab onto those roots, which saved your life…’

‘god is great!’ yelled finn with celebration.

God nodded, ‘…and I will watch you fall.’

When finn’s grip loosened enough, finn o’flynn plummeted to earth and crashed through the roof of the mill and collapsed in a pile of broken bones, lying in a pool of his own spent urine. The falling of shingles was the only sound made.

God closed his window and opened his fridge.

Alc. 40%


Sweet candied pears and white grapes mixed with dry oak and husky malt. Fresh flowers, apple sauce, a cinnamon stick, some light vanilla custard are all present, but fighting for space with the sherry. Overall, a balanced, light, and complete nose.


Malt and sherry are present from start to middle and fade into peppery oak and crisp baking spice, with clove and cinnamon. White grapes, wine, pastel candies, lemon biscotti and a start of hard boiled candies balance the profile. Light bodied, but complex, sweet, spicy and a touch sour with a dry, tannic finish.

Overall: 90

Very good, inviting. Not a challenging palate.

Please note:

Not just the oldest distillery in Ireland, bushmills is said to be the oldest liscenced distillery in the world. Although most irish distilleries are known for making blended whiskies or single pot whiskies(malt barley and unmalted barley distilled at the same time), bushmills is quite expert at distilling single malts.

Aged in used bourbon casks and olorosso sherry casks for ten years and married, the sherry casks are outnumbered by the bourbon casks, which allows a comfortable sherried palate, without becoming a sherry ‘bomb’.

Being a single malt, this is strictly malted barley distilled in one season(seasons are bi-annual) and aged for 10 years, only. The bushmills 10 year old single malt is the entry level single malt in their entire line of single malts[sic].