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Not everybody does it



Sid barret was a founding member of pink Floyd, which derives its name from two different blues outfits(so, no its not a drug reference). The thing about pink Floyd is that pink floyd’s members never did drugs(mind = blown), except sid, who did enough drugs for the rest of the band to carry on a solid pysch project a few years after his departure(although they did play for decades). Sid barret said in an interview that he got so stoned that he actually spent days in his flat thinking and acting that he was an orange peel. A fucking orange peel. When I was a kid I wanted to grow up to be a fireman, this guy grew up to ‘live as the rind of a citrus’. Anyway, the whole point of this story is that sid barret, who was like the jim Morrison of psychedelic rock, minus the sex appeal, was stoned out of his tree and formed pink- fucking -Floyd.

Some friends of mine formed a band while stoned and came up with the epic name ‘poo laser’. A poo laser, as in a solid beam of concentrated defecated bodily waste that can cut through solid objects. Just goes to show, stoners can create some incredibly influential ideas.

Myself, I will not be cutting things in half with my poo, but I have in fact pulled a ‘lumberjack’. A lumberjack is when you take a solid poop and get up and, turn about face and cut that poop log in half with your pee, which is completely irrelevant to our story altogether, although, this all brings me to my original point: not everyone does it. cutting your poop in half with your stream of hard pee isn’t for everyone, but those who do it, like it a lot.

Same goes for dope. Not everyone does it, but the people who do, tend to like it a lot. The range of people who dabble in it can surprise you. People who smoke can be losers, musicians, kitchen workers, law enforcement, teachers, police officers, any role model I’ve ever had, doctors and people who generally make more in salary in one year than it would take me in five years. Not everyone does it, but you might be surprised by the people who do.

The thing about getting high is that it’s not really even about smoking pot anymore, it’s about taking reefer and making it some sort of insanely potent extract and then, change the name of it to something palatable and give it some easy to pronounce slang to make it a language for stoners. Point – ‘dabs’.

Dabs are honey oil. Honey oil is a butane extract of marijuana that is taking over the pot community. Butane extracted honey oil got its name because it looks golden like honey and has an oily texture and viscosity.

Recently, a public service announcement bringing light to the dangers of marijuana, stated that pot is 300 times stronger than it used to be in the 80’s. now, if you don’t find that as laughable, consider this; real good pot(aka, primo, chron) today is an average of 12% – 20% thc. Thc is the stuff that gets you high. For that PSA to be true, pot in the 80’s would have to contain .0666% thc. Meaning, nobody, ever got enough thc in their system to get high in the 80’s or before. I’m sure some would like to argue those ‘statistics’ promoted by our Canadian government.

To put things in perspective, extracted and cleaned honey oil sits around 70 – 98% pure thc. Because of its high potency, patients only have to ingest quantities no larger than a pin head to relieve pain. One ‘toke’ of honey oil is the equivalent of smoking one or two entire marijuana cigarettes and is ingested at such a minute amount; the patient enjoys a considerable amount of harm reduction.

So, we’ve come to a point that honey oil is widely accessible. As a matter of fact, if you haven’t tried it, you need to find a new ‘doctor’. Some think that it’s a new invention, brought to us in the mid 2000’s, but it turns out, kids are still stupid; this has been happening since the 70’s, at least. Myself, I saw honey oil being made in a small apartment in the late 90’s by a guy holding a lit cigarette in his mouth, while exhausting nauseating, noxious and highly flammable butane gas, he saw somebody do it in the early 90’s, who I’m sure watched somebody do it in the 80’s.

Honey oil is not new, just newly becoming widely accessible.

If you want to make honey oil, there are enough videos on youtube showing step by step instructions on how to explode your torso in the process. People manufacturing honey oil without taking the proper precautions lose fingers, faces and sometimes, lives. Its far better to pony up and just pay for it.


-The previous and following information is from reference and collaborative efforts from an anonymous reporter-


Thc%. Undetermined.


You can find this in jars, smeared on wax paper, or in plastic shot glasses.


From what ive been told, it smells of earth, skunk and pungent candy. Melted candle wax.


Ive been told this is smooth and tastes like the nose; skunk, candy, citrus and wax.

Overall effects:

From provided reference, patients have stated this offers immediate and long lasting pain relief and has helped with lack of appetite, insomnia, seizures, alcoholism and boredom. Effects include a cerebral, uplifting high that can help users create art, music and overcome social anxiety.

Please note:

I cannot stress enough that the information provided is from documentaries and journals I have referred to, and a dude who wanted to collaborate on an article. I state no inclusion with ingestion of this or any illegal product. Except moonshine. I have drank moonshine before.