canadian whisky

in my opinion the finest whisky in the world. canadian whisky can accomodate any palate and is innovating on whiskies of all schools. it is my belief that one distillery in canada has created the ‘new school’ of whisky, sending other distilleries to scramble to meet demands for this new style of mad scientist approach. its a good time to be a whisky drinker worldwide, because of us canadians.

there are a few rules to canadian whisky:

it must be aged in oak for three years – at least – to be deemed whisky
it cannot contain grain neutral spirits(ie. vodka) to cut product
there can be additives. the canadian government allows up to 9.09% additives in our whisky(caramel, sherry)
it must be at least 40% alcohol to be called whisky.
it can be mashed, fermented and distilled here in canada, barreled in oak and then sold to other companies, but it doesnt happen too often. mostly to american blenders and bottlers who attach their own label to it and brand it their own.
it can be distilled by pot or column.
although it can be labeled rye, it doesnt have to contain any rye grain – at all.
ultimatly, it must carry a ‘canadian whisky’ profile to maintain integrity.

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