canadian club 100 proof

Canadian club 100 proof

I was 17. I got a frantic phone call one evening.



Meet me on the hippy trail in an hour. Were gonna party.


So, of course, I found a small gathering of my buddies on this old plot of woods just off the parkway where we would hike in a few minutes to a little fire pit which marked where we could get away from our parents, or the cops and shout loudly, smoke cigarettes and drink without scrutiny. We drank in excess and behaved poorly. Just a precursor to my adulthood. My buddy tom was smiling.

‘look what I nabbed!’

I grabbed the bottle.

‘canadian club 100 proof, eh? Good year.’ I would explain to my gullible friends as we swigged and told crude stories of girls, teachers, bosses and bullies that were involved in our highschool lives. Yes, we swigged and coughed while we tried to swallow our first taste of 50% alcohol whisky, because nobody was bright enough to bring mix, or glasses, or a flashlight. Its dark in those woods at 11pm.

Once the bottle was drank, we stumbled our way through tough branches and bushes, trying to see through the foliage lit only by a summer moon. When we broke the bush line and were exposed on the streets again, it seemed as if our troubles came back. There was the ever present solo police car looking for stoners, skaters and us. the cops liked to catch us and pocket our joints. ‘you don’t want this, do you? No? I guess ill just put it right here’. There was the ‘what are you lookin at’ guy and of course, our parents when we got home, wanting to know why we reeked of booze, wood smoke and spent dope. Im sure toms parents wanted to know what happened to the Canadian club! That hippy trail is long gone, just like that bottle of c.c. but tasting this dram sent me back to the happy times. Me and a few friends that I don’t see anymore, swigging straight out of a bottle and never knowing what was ahead.


Classic, straight edged Canadian club bottle. No gimmicks. Black label.

Nothing specific at first, needs time and a little water to bloom. Woody, fruity with corncobs and soft isopropyl. A bit of a light bready quality.

Oily, fruity and spicy. Cherries, grapes and raisins just before the spicy rye. Cloves and ginger kick in. cereal grain and a touch of peppermint. A small amount of oak with black pepper fade into a medium finish.

Please note:
From the hiram walker distillery in Ontario, here is the classic Canadian club 6 year for the American market. The only difference is that its 10% higher in alcohol.

Its richer than the original c.c. and a little more oily, but I had to add water, which is something I never do. i like c.c. so i would buy it again.

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