canadian club sherry cask

Canadian club small batch sherry cask

In the wonderful time known as the 80’s, in the time of video game rage, a company created a game based on a speilberg movie. The game was a total failure. Its was quickly created and sent out to the shelves, even though it was far from perfect. Far from good. Far from acceptable. There were parts in the game that just did not function and the distributors knew that. The game was released based on the fact that people would just buy it, because it was a hot topic. The game didn’t function, and it was the reason for the video game market crash. The year was 1982 and e.t. had five and a half weeks to hit the shelves before Christmas. it has been remarked as a pleasing game by some, and by most the worst game in the world.

I love video games. I love Atari, but I don’t like e.t.

I love whisky. I love Canadian club, but not this batch of sherry cask whisky. Although some call this a pleasing whisky, this is my e.t.



Bottle: generic flat square

Nose: Dark fruit, dark wood, sweet wood, big turk, tobacco, stewed fruit

Palate: Sweet and sour, agridolce, coffee, skunk, bike tire, dark fruit, dark berries, white pepper, cinnamon, obvious sherry wood finish, toffee, ginger rye, corn.

Please note: Complex, lots of flavors, hard edged, smooth, sippable, little spirit to taste. Quick blasts of flavors that seem to quickly evolve and disappear while moving to the next. Hard on the edges, thin, and the ride is over quickly, but the sip will sit on your tongue for some time.
Possibly for somebody seeking something new. Mixes well with coke, not ginger ale. Sweet manhattan possibly? There are much better sherry matured whiskies by comparison.
this is the original c.c. premium 6 year that sits in sherry barrels for 2 additional years to soak out the leftover sherry left in the first barrel. they follow the same preocess for the 20 year as well, they let the same 6 year blend sit for an additional 14 years in once fill oak.


i wasnt a huge fan, but a lot of writers really like this stuff. its a difference of opinion.

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