canadian mist black diamond

Canadian mist black diamond

I was recently watching a television show hosted by jerry springer. Now, whenever I hear ‘television’ and ‘jerry springer’ in the same sentence, my first reaction is to pour boiling water in my ear canals and jam torn bread onto my eyes so crows can pluck them out. On this occasion, though, I watched. It held my guilty interest for a moment.

The show had a scantily clad woman telling of some of her dirty laundry, some ‘baggage’ if you will. Then there were three men telling of their own baggage. Things were said like, ‘I hooked up with my cousin’ or ‘im a grown man and I cry all the time’, or, of course ‘my mom cooks dinner for me every night’ . it was a dating show where four people dehumanize themselves in front of the nation telling of old secrets that shouldn’t be let out, in hopes to ultimately shag the one opposite gender attendee, who had baggage of equal or greater shame.

Two men had revealed their most embarrassing stories, while the other guy said some pretty sexy stuff: ‘I slept with over a hundred women’, ‘I dance at a gay bar’ or ‘I slept with my dads significant other’. Sure, its embarrassing, but it wasn’t like the one loser who admitted he was ‘allergic to lady parts’. Letting out some dirty laundry can put you in the winners circle, if you can air it out.

How about Canadian mist? Do they have dirty laundry, or any baggage that we can accept?

They create mixers. Not sipping whisky for the American public. – who cares? Mixers are needed.

The Canadian mist whisky is only three years old. – there are plenty of three year olds out there. Flip that product and use the taxes to pave our roads!

Black diamond, the premium Canadian mist product is no longer available. – that’s just fine. The Canadian mist distillery produces Collingwood. Keep Collingwood coming.

So, theres Canadian mists baggage. I still accept them for who they are and I still support their products.


Toffee and soft chewy caramels. Fresh orchard and spicy oak. Candied green apple and newly poured lacquer. Cedar and hinting of maple syrup. A touch sour and malty. A small touch of spirit.

Sweet and sour candy apple with cedar shavings and spicy egg custard. For such a young whisky, this carries a bit of body. Something sullen like water plants left on the ground or decaying cut grass. Vegetal. Spicy walnuts and hints of a rye and coke appeal. Unique for a mixer.

It’s a mixer. It was a challenging sip, although its excellent with a little ginger and a lime slice.

please note:


Fermented in Collingwood Ontario for roughly 3- 4 days with grains sourced from within 200 km of the distillery, this is distilled in column and pot stills and aged in barrels sourced from brown forman.

Canadian mist is aged for at least 3 years, but does not get aged too far past the legal requirement. It is aged and blended to a consistent taste profile rather than any set recipe.


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