crown royal maple

Crown royal maple
Here we have a complex nose and palate. As well, the overpowering sensation of maple. Not real maple, like from a tree, or a bottle, but more the fake stuff that our tourists take back home.
I spoke to a lovely sounding representative of crown royal, and I asked a few questions:
What is the age on your whisky blends?
That’s a proprietary procedure that I cant tell you.
Do you utilize three or four grains in your whisky blends?
That’s a proprietary blend, and I don’t have the liberty of speaking about our blends.
Is it a syrup or wood that flavors the maple finished crown royal?
We use a ‘maple toasted oak’ procedure.
What is that?
That’s a proprietary procedure that I cannot go into further details.
Wow, great thanks for the… umm help.

Alc. 40%
No surprises here, If you’ve seen a crown royal bottle before. The difference is that this one sports a burgundy label on it, with the word maple smeared across like a stop sign.
The nose is quite easy to predict, because you can smell an open glass from five feet away. Seriously! So, we have an opening of maple. Imitation maple, brown sugar, sugar in the raw, soft toffee, a little oak, butterscotch pudding, holiday spices and pancake syrup. Theres some candy cane poking around in there hidden behind the layered maple leaf cookies and nutmeg. The nose is complex, but it doesn’t evolve or tend to change much.
So smooth. This tastes like candy. Black magic chocolate truffles, mint leaves, milk chocolate, brown sugar, toffee, soft pulled nougat and brown sugar. This is rich and creamy and very sweet. There are whisky aspects to this as well. The baking spices seem to come in the middle with corn and bourbon and finish with light black pepper, but all the while battles the same imitation maple taste that was introduced from the nose.
Please note:
This is for the consumer who isn’t really concerned with buying whisky. This is a heavily masked whisky, flavored with overpowering maple qualities. It’s a mission to coax out the whisky profile. On top of that, this gave me a nasty headache in the morning and I only had one glass.
i wouldnt spend money on a whole bottle.

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