forty creek double barrel reserve

Forty creek double barrel reserve

Real life walter white keeps it going. I hope that john hall has somebody to carry his legacy.

Alc. 40%

Bottle: broad, flat version of base offering

it smells thick. Heavy on the wood, vanilla and corn whisky smell. Wet earth and dead flowers.

thick, chunky corn, baking spices, woody, searing, cayenne pepper. Typical forty creek whisky meets bourbon notes. Hard cinnamon candy and dark nuts. Gingery rye. Oh so smooth and busy. Sweet, thick, chunky corn bourbon that doesn’t result in a mouthful virgin oak.


very good.

Please note:
Its stated everywhere, but it needs to be known to all: john halls distills his grains separately and then ages them in custom barrels. Corn distillate goes in heavy charred barrels, rye, light char and barley medium. John hall personally picks out his barrels for different products when they are ‘done’ aging.

There are little sweet spots in the warehouse where the temperature expands and contracts the wood in the barrels which make more or less surface area for the wood and grain to interact. All this interaction means that sometimes a barrel can taste younger or older than what one would believe that whisky should taste like. John hall likes to tell his customers, he has ten year old barrels that taste like six, and seven year old barrels that taste like nine. john personally tasting and testing his inventory for sale is a very precise and passionate way to perfect the craft of whisky making.

Forty creek whiskies mash bill is pretty similar from one line to the next. If you enjoy barrel select or copper pot reserve, you know what to expect from forty creek’s profile. The variation, a lot of the time seems to be the finishing method. in this case, he blends his three separate single grain whiskies together, then, pours them into bourbon barrels for the final marrying.

The barrels mostly come from makers mark, heaven hill and four roses and marries in first fill bourbon barrels for roughly 1 year.

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