gibsons 12

Gibson’s finest 12 year

A peach is more than a truffle.

Truffles only grow in small batches underground in a couple small regions of the world. They are tricky to find, cultivate and they sell for up to and over 1$ per gram. They are one of the most talked about food items in a professional kitchen, other than salt. If you ever get to work with a fresh truffle, or even taste one, you will know true elegance.

The peach though… those fortunate to experience our fresh produce in the Niagara region, in peak season buying baskets of just picked, never seen the fridge, just a bit soft , peaches. So juicy ya gotta eat em over a sink. Sweet, juicy, a bit warm, and refreshing. They sell for 6$ a dozen. Its like a childlike pleasure, eating a slice of watermelon, getting juice all over your hands, and sometimes, clothes.

The truffle we treat so delicately and slice it thinner than hair. We keep truffle under lock and key, if any were to be found missing, the perp would be punishable under death. The peach though, is expendable. Small hole in it? Throw it out. But if you were to put the two beside each other and say I could only eat one? Im reaching for the peach. 50 cents a piece.

Same with whiskies. Just because we sell our imported 12 year single malt scotch for 70 dollars or more, doesn’t come close to our smooth, flavorful, local blends. gibson’s finest 12 year old sells for 28$ roughly.


A squat, rotund looking keg like bottle. It’s the gibson’s look.

Right off, sawdust and clean oak, with some flowers forefront. Typical wood notes of vanilla and sweet dark sugars. It has a thick smell to it. Notes of fresh golden fruit.

Sweet then spicy, then hot. The whole ride is very creamy and thick. Burnt sugar, a good dose of oak, white pepper. fruity, like unaged grappa, suggestion of grape skins. Woody with fresh matchsticks. Classic creamy corn with a loud shout of rye spices. Cloves and cinnamon sit on the palate, before, during and after the pepper wears off.

Please note:
This is one of the staples of old school Canadian whisky. When I think of Canadian whisky, this is the one I settle on. It doesn’t have crazy anejo or Jamaican rum barrel finishing, its just plain old good corn and rye whisky(a little barley of course), crafted and blended using first fill bourbon barrels and sometimes new oak. No surprises, just good stuff.
Gibsons line of whisky is short, but accommodating, selling all size bottles and spanning from great mixer(sterling) to canada’s best sipper(18 rare).


good sipper, great mixer. all around solid.

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