CC 20 review with craig and gary

Canadian club 20 year old – review by gary schroeder and craig hilchie


Editors note: this is a quick project that craig hilchie from ns beer and whisky and the team from cwe have put together for a little fun. I’m really quite excited to show cwe readers what a great palate we are revealing. craig floored me with a little surprise in his notes that I’ve never even thought of doing. We have seen the nose and the palate, but craig has now started the ‘ear’ of the whisky. Groundbreaking.

Craig continues to casually insult me every time we email or message each other and he’s always worth a laugh. This has been a remarkable experience.

As the older writers drop off, the younger crowd will have to pick up the slack, providing accurate information and accessible tasting notes. Craig hilchie will be one of the guys I personally will be reading from for a long time.

Thanks for the help craig.


Gary and the team.



Two drunk sluts



Gary – hi. im gary and im a canadian whisky enthusiast.


Craig – I’m Craig, NSLC retail drone number [REDACTED]. I enjoy taking money from people like Gary. Also I like whisky.


G – my turn on include gaslighting my wife and eating people. my turn offs are the whisky sponge and british porn.


C – I like potatoes.


G – And I like potatoes too. In fact I don’t like people who don’t like potatoes. One time I walked in on a guy who just baked a potato, and when it cooled down a bit, I watched him fuck that potato silly.


…he liked potatoes, a lot. I don’t think I like him though…


C – Don’t you think it’s wrong to judge a man for his relationship with a consenting root vegetable?

G – Wrong? Wrong?!?! No my friend, I see no harm in consensual intercourse with a root vegetable, be it baked or steamed. Some eat vegetables and fuck people, some eat people and fuck produce. That’s ok I guess, but the deciding factor is that a potato is a tuber, not a root vegetable. A tuber sprouts many vegetables from its main root, as opposed to a root veg, which grows from one sprout. When you fornicate with a potato, you rip it from its family and disgrace it in front of the eyes of god.


But that’s all fine in the world of vegetabiggotry. How’s your Halifax Sasquatch hunt going?


C – Gary, you ignorant slut. Sasquatch is a sentient being and to hunt it for any purpose, be it sustenance or pleasure, is profoundly wrong. I supposed I should be unsurprised at your vile insinuation, given your previous expression of indifference to cannibalism. That said, I can’t find one anywhere. They’re either elusive or imaginary, and I don’t mind confessing that both possibilities fuel my nightmares each and every night.


Also, forgive me my ignorance on the true nature of potatoes; I professed to love them but my ignorance reveals me to be naught but an internet fanboy, arguing their more superficial merits without seeking true understanding.


G – …and after all the painfull screaming and blood I realized that I had actually popped my own external hemmorhoid. I was in a greasy toilet stall, ramming folded up toilet paper up my ass crack to make sure I didn’t bleed through onto my pants and…

Whoa. Wait a minute… Wrong conversation. Shit, I’ve got to change gears.


C – I love a good messy menses story as much as anyone, but you’re right, we should get back to the matter at hand: 20 year old brown vodka.

G – Brown vodka?! Why if I were in front of you if strangle you with your own genitals.


Canadian club 20 year is smooth, complex and complete! See, here’s my tasting notes along with score.


Gary’s take:



Sherry soaked cherries, dark rum and fig cake. Raspberries, vanilla sugar along with brown sugar and grandpas old dusty workshop. There is some hard English toffee, cinnamon toast and flower pedals. A bit subtle, but very complex. crème brulee and maple. Dusty.


Spicy fruit cake, cloves, cardamom, candied walnuts, orange peel and sherried cherries. Cola. Dusty and chalky before long, semi dry finish.


A must have.

Craig’s take:

Nose: Even after 20 years in wood Canadian Club’s trademark fruitiness remains prominent. Blackberries, baked apples, and marmalade. Brown sugar & cinnamon, cedar and damp autumn leaves, and a hint of pine needles and tobacco. If you want to spend 30 minutes huffing whisky fumes without getting bored, this will do the trick.


Palate: Fruit and oak! Sweet maple sugar entry. Generous rye and oak spice and prune juice. Savouring brings out pine, cedar, and dense, dark rye bread.


Ear: Mostly silent. If you swirl it vigorously it makes some wet splashy noises. Unsettling intermittent gurgling sound, although that may be emanating from some forbidden place deep within my own digestive tract.


Finish: Woody with nice dried fruits and light spice. Wood hangs on the longest. Wee solvent quality detectable but not unpleasant.


Overall: CC gets really goddamned good when you leave it alone for 20 years. This has got to be one of Canada’s finest whiskies, and at $60 it’s probably under-priced, which you should take advantage of ASAP (just think of what the Scots charge for 20 year old whisky!).