depressing beer review

Depressing beer review


Just a little bit of history repeating


There was a young man named saloth sar. Saloth was attending a university in paris france with a few colleagues who studied varied practices, but they all shared a common interest in economics, politics and leftist policies. Saloth and some of his colleagues studied and some achieved various degrees in the university in different disciplines, and some did not. Most importantly, they all returned to their home country of cambodia. Upon returning to cambodia, a select few of his colleagues(saloth included) dove into practicing politics, with a huge interest in Marxism.

Eventually, after some years, saloth rose to higher seats in his political party, and adhered to a very left wing strategy, which mostly seemed to shrink from the western way of life. Saloth would come to join a newly renamed party, named the workers party of Kampuchea(Cambodia), which was an offshoot of the Vietnamese people’s party. Although it sounds kinda friendly, I assure you, it will not be so. The whole confusing idea of name changing in parties was actually a strategic move which helped put saloth’s workers party in contention with other highly regarded political powers at the time, which lead to their relevance, gaining followers and receiving funding by other, more powerful workers parties, like their brethren in vietnam.

On one dismal cambodian afternoon, 34 members of the leftist party were summoned by the government of cambodia and were actually jailed and forced into a program of assimilation, or ‘re-education’(which consisted of continuous torture) forcing the leftist politicians to sign an agreement that the current king of cambodia could be the only probable leader of the country. Saloth and one other colleague escaped to china and made visits to the communist parties in north Vietnam, where he received some beneficial training from other left wing workers parties, as well as some important training from Chinese communist leader, mao zedong. Saloth would return to cambodia a few months later, taking the reign of the workers party, secretly renaming it once again to the communist party of Kampuchea(Cambodia), unbeknownst to almost all of its followers.

Meanwhile, the Vietnam war was escalating and spilling over the neighbouring laosian and cambodian borders, killing hundreds of innocent, hard working cambodian peasants, and injuring thousands, including children and babies. People were dismembered by shelling or seared by napalm. Villages and towns were leveled by continuous bombing. The Nixon administration was responsible for carrying out scores of bombing runs on the neutral cambodian soil, without the knowledge of most military leaders and without the permission of the neutral cambodia. Neighbour to the north, laos, was to become the most bombed country in the world for years. This was an act responsible for pushing the Vietnamese army further into cambodia, resulting in more bombing runs, resulting in the death of more innocents. Witnessing the violence and spilled blood of his innocent citizens, fuelled saloth into vengeance and bloodlust.

With prestige gained saloth grew an army amongst his own political party and followers. He had successfully formed a guerilla army in which he named the khmer rouge, which enjoyed funding by the communist party of north vietnam and openly fought the cambodian government in an attempt to overthrow the existing government. The coup to overthrow the cambodian king was hugely successful because of the aid of the Vietnamese army, which liberated most of the country for the new Cambodian government.

The new government in place did very little to stop the insurgence of guerilla warriors and were defeated and overthrown, when the country’s capital, pnom penh was captured by saloths army, the khmer. The young king, named sihanouk, was deposed to china, where he defected and he too joined a communist khmer, and returned to cambodia to assist saloth in his campaign to rise to political leader and prime minister of cambodia. The return of exiled king sihanouk gave hope to the communist guerilla army and multiplied their army from a few thousand to numbers over 100,000 strong. Rallies were held at public schools to enlist students and children as young as ten years old to fight on behalf of the communist party, in the front lines, meaning they were the first to die, sacrificing themselves to the experienced and trained guerilla warriors to follow up. Matter of fact, the soldiers fighting on behalf of the communist party in the civil war didn’t even know who they were fighting for, thinking they were fighting to re-establish sihanouk to power, which was not the case. In parallel, the American army had unloaded a massive shelling onto a peasant village in cambodia, killing hundreds more innocent field workers by accident, claiming that the bombers were given inaccurate coordinates. The embarrassed American army immediately cut bombing runs on cambodian soils, which ultimately assisted the khmer’s defeat of the weakening cambodian army.

After 5 years of civil war, the khmer rouge had effectively defeated the cambodian army, and declared saloth sar as their new countries leader.

Saloth sar made it public and announced that he was now leader of the Kampuchean communist party, the khmer rouge was his army and he officially and publicly changed his name to pol pot. The country of cambodia had also become more widely known under the name of kampuchea. Which is a name that marks pol pots reign of Cambodia.

Now with the khmer rouge in power, pol pot was now free to act independently of the Vietnamese army, and run his own countries policies. Quickly he turned cambodia to a hermit country, with fear of racial impurity and more shelling of innocent citizens, he shut off its borders. He began his agenda of agricultural communism and ethnic cleansing.

Soon we would see the forming of the killing fields of Cambodia.

Work camps were formed immediately. All citizens were accounted for. The populous of Cambodia were stripped of their land and forced into slave labour camps. Many families would live in a small supervised barrack and work the fields until they died from overwork. if a person was deemed of higher intelligence, a doctor or teacher in a previous occupation(deemed too intelligent as a possible defector), they were executed. If a person was not pure, or of a mixed decent; half cambodian- half Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, then, they were slaughtered. If a person’s skin was not dark enough from working in the hot sun for many, many hours, that person was deemed a foreigner and executed. If a person even looked to be of high intellect, they were slaughtered. If a person of rank was not slaughtered in public executions, that person was slaughtered right where he stood. Citizens were kidnapped and tortured in a form of ‘re-education’. The wealthy, politicians, tourists, travelers, journalists, people who returned from visiting another country, slaughtered apathetically. Anybody who was thought of to disrespect pol pot were killed. The country named Cambodia was in a complete genocide state in the name of Cambodian purity under the new regime of the khmer rouge.

Saloth was now publicly known as pol pot, leader of Cambodia. He was shrouded in mystery, his face unknown to most everybody. Even his very own siblings did not know that their brother was running the country.

Growing with hatred and fear, pol pot killed indiscriminately, while claiming to act under his own agenda. The citizens of Cambodia were forced to work at gunpoint in rice fields for up to 18 hours a day, and often dropped dead in the field they worked, simply from exhaustion. many others died from starvation, dehydration, mal nourishment or untreated(and easily curable) disease, such as malaria.

Pol pot now ran a completely hermit country, which did not interact or trade with other countries and suffered instant famine because the population could not sustain itself. The country in fact could not grow enough crops to feed its own population and the waters were too polluted or bombed out to support any substantial fishing. There were not enough cattle raised. The entire country of Cambodia was being strangled by its own agenda.

The khmer rouge which supervised operations were just as brutal as the living conditions. For seemingly no reason, a rice worker would be shot before his family and left in the field to rot or have their severed head skewered on a pole as his remaining family would continue working under threat of execution. Children were ripped from mothers’ arms and disassembled, while other families were killed while still in embrace. People were tortured to death. Ammunition was all too important, so the victims of their own government were often beaten to death, with primitive makeshift tools or simply drown in whatever bog they were working in. It was reported that the khmer rouge was responsible for up to 2 million deaths of its own people. Furthermore, escape was futile. Even if a citizen were to flee the country, neighbouring countries turned away refugees, or worse, returned them.

After 4 years of rule(1975-1979), an increasingly paranoid pol pot ordered a pre-emptive attack on the country of Vietnam, fearing that the neighbouring country were poised to attack Cambodia. The khmer army marched into Vietnam, effectively pushing back the unsuspecting Vietnamese army for only so long. After very little time, the Vietnamese army overtook the khmer and decimated their army. Pol pots regime had failed on all fronts; a country lay in waste, an army defeated, one quarter of the Cambodian population was dead. 1 in 4 people lay dead in a matter of only four years.

Fearing capture and deportation to the united states, pol pot took his own life.

Its not word-for-word, but the story is the same. Nations have been collapsing on themselves since creation, and so have niche industries.


Some depressing craft beer-

Crazy beard – mad ginger beer

Alc. 5.2


Bright apples and bright yellow stone fruit.


Apple cider finished with soft, sweet ginger and thrills gum. No grain to speak of.

Try or pass by: don’t buy.


Lake of bays – top shelf nhl alumni lager

Alc. 5%


Sweet/sour nose with grain


Hoppy and sourish. light fruit

Try or pass by: pass by


Mill street organic lager

Alc. 4.2%


Watery void of toasted grain.


Crisp and fruity, but far too watery and flavourless.

Try or pass by: pass by.


Please note:

At the end of the day, these beers are terrible. With such a huge surge of craft brewers popping up all over Canada, profit is sparse and shared between multiple other brewing companies. Given the quality and overall taste of these beers, it is likely their sales will remain low. With high taxes, high operating costs and so on, the most a brewer can profit from sales is a net of roughly 18% and that is when sales are maximized and profits are peaked. with an excessive number of 49 craft breweries in Ontario alone it is likely that most of the craft brewers market will not survive the long run and may not even be able to pay back the loans taken to build and operate said breweries.

With the imminent loom of bank foreclosure and bankruptcy, relationships will be broken bitterly and homes will be lost indefinitely.