baron otard vsop cognac

Baron otard vsop
Cognac is a terrible thing to decipher in the brandy world. There are so many rules to follow in order to produce this particular style of brandy. Lets go over the basics here:
Cognac is only produced in the town, cognac of France. The grapes are grown in the six surrounding wine regions called ‘cru’. Cognac is distilled twice in copper pot stills and aged in french oak for at least two years. At absolutely no time, can sugar or yeast be added in the process. Hell, there’s even legal fermenting and bottling dates. there’s more, but lets not get ahead of ourselves.
Cognac is a rich man’s drink for sure, and I’ve seen bottles marked at $32,000. This particular offering though, is young, but it can be sipped. At around 75$, its also a steal.
Grapes, pears, honey and oak.
Oak. Little sickness, orange oil, grapes, flowers and nuts. Leather. Complex palate that evolves with each sip. This is packed with wood and grape. There’s also tender fruit like cherry and peach. Some candy.
Please note:
Cognac tastes great, but its difficult to really get a grasp on the subtleties, when you’re so bombarded with the in your face profile. This is not a real young, bright drink, its lost its sharpness. This is the bottom of the food chain in brandies, but for starters, its just fine.


less expensive than the big houses’ and just as good.

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