gibson’s 18

Gibsons 18


Disposal of the bottle


So you’ve done a bad thing, haven’t you? Hey man, I’m not here to judge, I just saw what happened and now that you’ve done a bad thing, you need a little help. Now, you’ve gotta take care of that thing and make sure nobody finds out that you did something unreasonable.

Maybe you went to a bar or liquor store and you took a bottle you shouldn’t have. You know you shouldn’t have because you went off and did a bad thing. Maybe somebody made a scene and acted out of line or maybe somebody saw you with the bottle, but now it’s time to clean up your mess.

Now you have to dispose of a dead bottle.

You can’t dig a hole in your yard or store it in your fridge; you have to dispose of this bottle properly.

After you had your fun, reach for the head of the bottle. Pry out the cork. You can use your fingers, because the cork will become a bit looser after dehydration, but you may need to resort to pliers. Grind the cork into dust. Reserve. Take a razor and scrape off all labels and etchings on the surface of the bottle, anything that can easily identify the dead bottle and incinerate along with any wax badges that were used to accessorize the bottle. use isoprpryl alcohol on a swab to rub off any glue residue as well as removing fingerprints. Move to the bathroom.

Rinse the bottle clear of any leftover liquid down the drain, let dry, turned over with its exposed neck turned down into the drain. Place clear bottle in a large towel, along with your ground cork. Clean the tub first with bleach, then all purpose cleaner. Spray room with air freshener and open all windows for fresh air flow. You don’t want your house to stink like you were deliberately cleaning it.

With a claw hammer, smash the bottle repeatedly until entire bottle is broken into a multitude of shards. Bottles which are not broken will float if air is captured inside them. Place towel with broken bottle into a small box, use some small rocks to fill in any spaces between the box and bag.

In the dark of night drop the box into deep water where it will sink. Make sure you drop it at night, because there are cameras everywhere nowadays and if some turkey starts asking questions about what it is that you’re dropping in the water, you might need a couple more boxes. Got me?

When the box deteriorates underwater and the bag is found, the bottle will be unrecognizable and the drinker will never be discovered. You’ve just got away with litter.

Trust me friend, after tasting gibsons 18, you may do a bad thing just to get your hands on another bottle.

The thirst begins….

Alc. 40%


Brimming with wood out of the glass with sweet toffee and vanilla custard. Dry wood and fresh wood with sawdust. Sweet tarts, cotton candy, sweet perfume, under ripe strawberries and golden fruits. Some dry cedar and fresh flowers with faint malt at the tail. Toasted cereals.


Light and subtle, but packed with soft candy pastels, like sweet tarts.  Smooth, sweet cinnamon, charred wood and toffee abound. Sweet and sour with some red berries and light drops of dill pickle.


Subtle, but extremely good. A genuine sipper.

Please note:

Widely regarded as one of canadas finest whiskies, this is part of a very small line of gibsons products. Every component in this bottle is at least 18 years old and is crafted at the massive hiram walker distillery in Windsor, Ontario, which also happens to double as a movie set for films like Robocop.

This is a very rare product and it takes up less than 1% of the total inventory of gibsons products in the lcbo. Retails for 75$ at the lcbo, but this is worth every penny.