belvedere intense 100 proof vodka

Handcrafted in Żyrardów poland this is recognized as the worlds first super premium vodka. This is a spirit that I like to use at home to flavour and dilute into my own flavoured liqueurs, since home distilling is illegal in canada. I am personally growing my own black currants to produce some fine cassis, but it cannot be crafted so cleanly without the help of belvedere intense vodka.

Being bottled at 50% alc. Rather than 40% there are less additives, no more water, or sugar. You get the real profile and intense flavor that the distillers want to produce.

This particular bottling is available only at duty free shops around the world, so procuring a bottle of this can be difficult, though worthwhile.

Alc. 50%

Black coated tall straight edged wine bottle with bright platinum decals of trees and a polish presidential palace.

slightest isopropyl turns to coconut water after some generous airing. Any spirit is almost non-existent. This is a ghost of a nose.

Intense is not a marketing ploy here. Intense chocolate shocks the palate through and through. Nutty grain and wet lined paper are hidden by sweet cocoa. very smooth and fast exit with no trace of alcoholic aftertaste.

Please note:
distilled four times and derived from rye grain.
There is no need for ice, or lime, because of the flavor profile it already carries, and is so smooth.

Belvedere found itself in some hot water after posting on social media an advert of a man ‘playfully’ restraining a fleeing woman, with the slogan ‘unlike some people, belvedere always goes down smoothly’ . what were they thinking? At least the advertisement came down in less than an hour.

Outstanding vodka

belvedere-vodka-adBelvedere intense 100 proof

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