dillons method 95 vodka

Dillon’s method 95 vodka


Vodka crafting may be the easiest spirit to craft. That doesn’t mean its so easy you should do it yourself, but it’s the quickest to manufacture and most neutral, so it really is easier than crafting a well aged Armagnac, or single malt.

As usual, the birth of the product comes from specially picked starches and is cooked into a brew, to make an alcoholic beer substance. In dillon’s case they use a pre-manufactured red wine. The beer is run through a still to raise the alcohol limit up to 60 – 80% and the clear liquid that runs of the still is separated into different cuts: heads, foreshots, heart and tails. All the distiller wants is the heart. That’s the money and it contains a general balance of all the fatty acids and congeners that give spirits their unique qualities.

Now we could just take the hearts and bottle them, label them and start making some bucks, but the fine folks at dillon’s wanted to make something more from their hard work. So they took those hearts and put them back into the still and ran it through their custom made column and distilled the wine up to almost 95% alcohol which effectivly stripped all of the flavor right out of the vodka, crafting a fairly neutral spirit, which vodka lovers seek.


Instantly sweet at first nosing. Butter rum lifesavers, hard fruity candies and light bread. sweet and sour. Little to no astringency on the nose.


Enters smooth as silk, and slowly builds up to a spicy climax. Quite a burn on the tongue for a long lasting exit. There is, however, very little burn in the throat. Sweet and sour on the tongue, this is far better with ice and a lime slice rather than neat.

Empty glass:

The next day there is no profile in the glass

Please note:

This vodka is crafted from locally grown red wine from the Niagara region. The wine brand is kept a secret to the public, but the winery was storing barrels at the dillons rickhouse for a while. Hint hint.


Somewhat disappointing. Has some unpleasant flavours that make my cheek spasm after a sip. There are superior vodkas at this price point.


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