mathilde creme poire

Mathilde crème poire

My wife and I spent some of our honeymoon in southern france, along the coast. We did all the cliché things, like eating pastry in the park, smoking, my wife wore stripes, I ate escargot on the wharf and I was caught wearing a Canadian flag on my t-shirt. My wife, who can speak French and Italian(somewhat), forgot what a valuable asset that would be on our trip and decided to forget everything she knew about the languages. I was all alone to speak French for us while all I understand is curse words and cooking terms. I did a fantastic job offending some patissiers with my informal broken French, pronouncing things in my kurt cobain style of mumbling. Instead of saying ‘thank you’ I would say ‘good night’ and assume ‘demi’ meant ‘half’ in any application.

We stumbled upon a small eau de vie distillery just outside of lyon. It was up a large stretch of cobblestone road, and guarded by gas lamps and fresh flower pots in the windows. We went in to find that the closet sized space held over a hundred carboy with spigots attached. They were filled with the most amazing colors and flavors of fruits, vegetables and other aromatics. Cherry, peach, garlic, honey, rosewater and pear to name a couple. Eau de vie, liqueurs and crèmes available for sample and sale. The demure lady who owned the shop was polite and helpful, if not worried that as a Canadian, I wasn’t used to drinking full strength eau de vie.

Everything tasted magnificent, and she even spoke perfect English.

When I got back to Canada with a few of our own bottles of crèmes and liqueurs, I realized they weren’t going to last long. I had to source out fruit spirits just as good as the ones in france. It really didn’t take me long to find a French distributor sending wares to be sold in Canada.

Alc. 18%

Straight edged wine bottle hosting a square label in a classic French eau de vie fashion.

Fresh and stewed pears immediately pop out ans are leaving the glass. Apple juice, soft cooked sugar, salt water taffee. theres a light toffee scent deep in the back, and the faintest suggestion of parsley root.

Very sweet gold pears and red apples remind of pull top cans of fruit salad. Icing sugar and cotton candy take over with other sweet tastes like caramel, and cooked pulled candies. Its not all sweet though. Fortunately some orange melon and slight acidity try to balance a sweet drink.

Please note:
Sure, it says crème on the bottle, but that doesn’t mean that any dairy has even come close to this product. crème refers to ‘crème de la crème’ best of the best. Eau de vie, liqueur and crème are all stated at different alcohol levels, so that’s what can help differentiate the three. Eau de vie sits around 40% – 50%, and crèmes are at 17% – 22% mostly. Liqueur fits in the middle.

The pears that grace this fine concoction come from Frances Anjou region, known for its perfect climate for growing Williams bon chretien pears. This starts as a pear wine and is then distilled and mixed with an infused pear/alcohol solution to keep the integrity and intense flavor of the pear. This keeps a rather fresh taste to the crème.


a wonderful representation of pear liqueur.

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