rossi d’asiago limoncello

Rossi d’asiago limoncello


All great things come out of Italy. Pretty classy things to say to an Italian immigrant, isn’t it? Guess what? All the shitty things stay in Italy. Not so classy now, huh?

When my wife and I were in Italy, I saw a lot of bad behavior. More so than an episode of the sopranos. Gypsies surrounded us and tried to grift, pickpocket or just fucking rob us. Street walking vendors collapsed on our tour buses in legions and tried to aggressively sell us shoddy jewelry, or umbrellas. Stray dogs walked the public in packs, mangy, looking as if they would drag away any small child, or injured elderly person, for dinner, like a hyena dragging away an injured gazelle. In naples I witnessed two arguments almost turned fistfights. Places sold counterfeit limoncello. Don’t even get me started on the driving etiquette.

Oh, and before I forget, there’s pisa. Hordes of people are getting their picture taken a hundred yards away from the tower and gesturing that they are holding the tower up with their hands(yes, its an optical illusion). So, when I asked for a picture of me, leaned back, hands on hips, so it looked like the tower was sprouting from my zipper(hey look, the leaning tower of pisa is my dick!), people refused to take my picture. My wife, was mysteriously absent as well….

On my return from Italy, I returned with some high quality limoncello in hand. Knowing it wouldn’t last, I started to seek out the product here in Canada.


Alc. 32%


Some awful looking rectangle almost resembling a frosted monolith with tumors all over the bottle. Has to be Italian to look that over presented.


Meyer and juicing lemons. Cough drops and boiled lemon sweets, followed by the lightest isopropryl and oddly, cotton balls.


Lemons! Icing sugar, zest, cough syrup, hard drop candies and lemon jelly candies too. Ju jubes and just the slightest touch of spirit. This drink is quite thick and coats the palate all over. Smooth and pleasant.

Please note:

Limoncello is commonly a flavored distillate. The process is quite easy and simple to do at home. Lemon peels are soaked in high proof vodka or grain alcohol(highest proof possible) for over a month. The distillate is strained off and cut down to a drinkable proof by adding a syrup of boiled water and sugar. The concoction is strained again and then bottled. If you’re doing this at home, it is best to let it sit for a month before tasting it. It needs time to marry before its palatable.


if youre looking for limoncello, make your own. if youre desperate, you can buy this.

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