forty creek port wood reserve

Forty creek port wood reserve

Checklist for becoming a man’s man:

– Be surrounded by beautiful women

– Have the god like ability to break anything in half with a spin kick ie. Wood board, car, grocery store, etc.

– Be constantly enveloped by whisky

For john hall, this is life. I haven’t spoken to john personally about it, but this is how he spends his day:

Wake up in a log cabin built by his own hands in the woods. Stroll to the nearby creek and while washing his face in ice cold stream water, he snatches out a salmon with his bare hands and eats it still live and raw. Next he dons his denim shirt and suede vest and while hiking – uphill – to work, he encounters a 700lb grizzly bear. Without any sense of fear, john casually knocks the eight foot tall bear unconscious with one right hook and asserts his dominance of the forest and all the wildlife surrounding him.

Upon approaching the forty creek distillery, he holds the door open(a man’s man is always a gentleman) for a statuesque sales lady starting her shift in retail, who will be joined by a slew of ravishing, exquisite looking goddesses. John sits in his throne room and leads his team to dominate the world of whisky.

Did you know that’s how things work at the forty creek distillery? Yes? Well, then, you’re a filthy liar!

Alc. 45%

No surprises here. Same style as all the previous special releases. Clear, flat and crested with a wax badge.

Vanilla and toffee from nice aging. Sweetness of fruit and wine. Some candy, nondescript baking spice and sugar, hidden behind sawdust, sugar encrusted citrus zests. The nose seems to have borrowed some egg nog from the wisers house. Grape jelly and maple sandwich on whole wheat.

Silky smooth and creamy, this sip is fresh bedsheets for the mouth. Classic forty creek corn whisky joined by the most open and entertaining palate. Its hard to believe whisky can reach so many memories of flavors. Sweet, sour, spicy and pungent. Oranges, corncobs, big turk, maple, sweet wine and dark fruits. Berries and dehydrating grapes with other drying fruit like dates. Chocolate and fresh garden basil and mint are so unexpected. Cognac and nougat studded with roasted nuts and chased with bubbly cola. Then the grains kick in, with the rye spice and finishing with black pepper biting so softly. The finish is smooth and long, the flavor profile is different from sip to sip and always rewards the patient drinker with more complexity.

Please note:
John hall oversees every step his whisky takes in its journey, right down to the finishing barrels he uses. More specifically, he crafted the port that would be dumped and the casks refilled to finish his whisky. no port would do, he had tested and tasted before landing on a specific set of barrels to be graced with the honour of producing such a fine whisky.

As before, this pretty much follows the same base mash bill for his previous and current line of whiskies, but the majority of the releases are finished in different barrels to give the whisky a unique profile, but still keep the profile in the same stable as the rest of the lineup. ie. Double barrel reserve, bourbon barrels. Confederation oak, first fill Canadian oak. Port wood reserve, port barrels.

Attending a tasting and seminar last year we learned that this will be the last time port wood reserve will be crafted. It was like hearing a childhood friend had passed away. To date, this is johns greatest whisky, it will be greatly missed.


these special releases go extinct too quickly. if you see a forty creek special release, buy all you can afford.

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