wiser’s 18 rare

Wiser’s rare 18 year

I get a lot of the same questions;
How tall are you? 6’4”. Do you play basketball? No.
You’re a chef? Yes. Are you single? No, im happily married .
What’s the most expensive bottle you’ve ever bought? A 300$ bottle of remy xo cognac.
Was it worth it? Yes. I spent 64$.
Is it worth it? Canadians don’t tend to stay too high in the price area(take a hint cr), but are they worth it? What is worth? What’s your definition of what worth it is? To some 50$ is a bottle. To some it’s a meal, or a weeks worth of food. What holds more worth? Ive seen an ounce of wagyu beef sell for 24$. An ounce of cognac for 1185$. as a collector of fine spirits, the money I put toward these bottles is worth more than that same money that I spent on cigarettes.
So is it worth it to you? Are you going to spend your money to enjoy something and walk away satisfied? Then its worth it.
Wisers 18 year old is 67.95$. ive drank wine that’s worth 70$ a bottle. I enjoyed the wine once. I can enjoy this whisky 26 times. To me its worth it.

Alc. 40%

Bottle: thick rectangular prism. Nice looking square decanter style bottle. Tasteful green label.

wood, apple, an abundance of toffee from long aging, fresh cut lumber, a hint of baby vomit, egg nog, vanilla and some fresh flowers. bright citrus

a ton of clean wood, a little pine, some chocolate, fresh golden fruit, almonds, corn and cream. .. spicy, thick marmalade. The finish has a nice, well balanced glow of pepper and bitter citrus pith. The finish is smooth and long. This is very complex whisky, thanks to the aging.

This is just too good. very highly recommended.

4 thoughts on “wiser’s 18 rare

    • at the time that i wrote this review, my boy was really quite young and i was completely enveloped in baby. so, naturally, i found milky oats to coincide with that profile.

      every aspect of this whisky is top notch and i didnt want it to seem negative in any way. this is a super complex whisky that evolves so much over time, there is simply a ton of aromas and flavors to be lost in.

      • honestly, youre looking at two superb canadians. its difficult to say if one is better than the other, but they are definitely two very different types of whisky.

        the legacy is made from 95% rye, and makes use of virgin, toasted barrels, so youre going to get a very spicy ride. its incredibly smooth and less expensive than the 18.

        the 18 though, is a very rich and complex contemplative sipper. you want to be able to relax with a glass for an hour to get the full effect.

        the choice is completely up to your preference. youre in for a treat either way.

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