remy martin vsop cognac

Remy martin vsop fine champagne cognac

Lean is a drink that is sweeping the hip hop community. It consists of soda, hard candies and some ultra expensive codeine based cough syrup. This concoction is drank from a Styrofoam cup, as a sign to let onlookers know of the drinkers social status.

The previous trend that was sweeping the American hip hop personalities was cognac of all grades. In fact, 2/3 of all cognac consumed in the US was in hip hop clubs or dance clubs.

That’s a big change in taste, wouldn’t you think?


Alc. 40%


frosted green wine bottle with a rectangular red label printed in gold writing. There is a circular label of a centaur about to launch a spear into the plastic topped cork. Look out!


Even after airing for half an hour, this still carries a closed nose. Non complex, but wonderful nonetheless. Right off wine and oak coupled with strange exotic fruits like dried apricots, dry plums, peaches and red field berries. Some cigar box and dullness on the low end. Light sourness.


A touch syrupy and yet effervescent. Candied cherry skins, dried orange peels, an orchard of fruits, backed by an old jacket liner. Cigarette tobacco, peeled ginger root and barrel spices abound. Touch of gummy mint. Gratefully, the palate offers more than the nose.

Please note:

Remy martin is one of the ‘big five’ in the family of French cognac firms.

They have done great things in the realm of cognac, and they have been advertising that they choose to age their products longer than the average cognac house. As well, they produce cognac from grapes grown only in the ‘grande’ and ‘petite’ champagne crus of france, because of the terroir that gives the greatest ageing potential. It is said that in the champagne region the soil is flecked with chalk deposits in the soil, which reflect light back onto the grapes which helps them ripen and intensifies flavor.

The ageing process takes places in French white oak casks. The climate in france not as extreme as it is in north america, so the trees are not as tight in grain, which offers more interaction between the wood and the distillate.

this is a fine offering of a vsop and is utilized in the worlds top hotels and restaurants as base mix for cocktails, which is pretty posh. hotel savoy in london, england houses a two michelin star restaurant which pours remy vsop for cocktails, which carries a fantastic accolade.


a good sip, superb mix. i tend to reach for the remy xo for a rewarding sip or to share for a celebration.

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